Friday, May 22, 2015


I'm SO much more productive on my days off!  Logged over 17,000 steps, woot!

Walked to/from the gym (about 2.5 miles total).
BB Bent over row-5x5 @ 75

Superset 5x5:
Lat Pulldown-55#
Hang Power Clean-45#

Deadlift 5x5:

Superset 5x5:
Straight Leg Deadlift: 65#
BB Good Morning: 65#

Also walked the dogs around the block

11;30am:  Made these paleo chick-fil-a nuggets from Stupid Easy Paleo.  So good!

12:45pm:  Zoyo!

5pm: Turkey burger with mozzarella, berries with heavy whipped cream

7pm:  More nuggets, along with some broccoli

9pm:  Had friends over for a bonfire, had about 5 marshmallows.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


So I was all set to walk to the gym this morning, to and from, that would've been 3 miles.  Then I realized that I had an 11am client, so no dice.  And I saw 4 clients today, one of which was a 90 minute massage.  My legs hurt.  I'm tired.

10:30am:  Bulletproof chai with butter & heavy cream.

1pm:  Almond flour bread sandwich (ham, goat cheese & green onions, this was delicious!)

2:30: Chicken with capers, almond flax crackers and another piece of almond flour bread.  I'm addicted.

8:15pm:  Still was kind of full from lunch so I just had a big old bowl of berries with HWC.  And another piece of almond flour bread.  I froze the rest.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Rest day!  And apparently, plenty of fat day.  Mmmmmm

9am:  Chicken thighs, almond flour bread (seriously, obsessed with this stuff)

2:30pm:  Chicken thighs in white wine and capers, almond flax crackers, apple with sunbutter

8pm:  Turkey burger with mozzarella, more almond flour bread, broccoli and olives

8:45pm:  In hindsight, I totally didn't need to eat the WHOLE thing, but damn was it good!  Chocolate avocado mousse with berries

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Woke up feeling mostly better from my epic migraine last night.  They are definitely hormone related because I had the same migraine on April 18.  

And finally made it back to the gym (haha, even though I just worked out on Sunday morning).  I'm trying to do this strength program but I'm cutting out a lot of stuff from it because it's kind of dumb.

Back squat: 5x5 @ 75#

Superset 5x5 of:
Barbell Glute Bridges @ 65#
Barbell Box Step Ups @ 40#

Also went back to the gym after work and did this:

Strict Press: 5x5 @ 45#

Superset 5x5 of:
Close Grip Bench Press @ 70#
Front Plate Raises (used a 15# DB)

Then did 5 sprints on the rower, I was tanked after that.  30 seconds on/30 seconds off.  Averaged 125m each round.

9:30am:  More chicken thighs

11:30am:  Almond flax crackers and an apple with sunbutter

3pm:  Trader Joes chicken wings (meh, they were just okay).  Berries.

7:30pm:  Now this dinner was on point!  Salmon and spinach salad with berries and goat cheese.

8:30pm:  Avocado pudding with berries

5/18/15....and so it begins. Again.

Well, time to get back on the horse.  Even my fat shorts were tight on me this weekend :(

8am:  Mug of bone broth

10:30am: Chicken thighs and salad, duh.

1pm: Ham & goat cheese on oopsie bread, mixed berries

2:30pm:  Apple with sunbutter, chicken thighs in white wine and caper sauce

Work snack: Bulletproof chai

Went in to work around 4:30 with a dull headache, and then by the time I had my drink date at 7:45pm it was a full blown migraine.  Got home a little before 9, sick to my stomach, choked down a bowl of Rice Chex because I had nothing in my stomach, and ended up taking THREE Percocet before I finally had a restless nights sleep.

Movement: 1.85 mile dog walk, 20 minutes of yoga

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The plus side of keeping notes and taking photos

If you take a look at my hard drive you will see YEARS of progress photos.  I used to do them monthly, or before/after a 'challenge' or I committed to some kind of workout program.  And if you did a side by side, you'd see that things pretty much stayed the same over the years, give or take some pounds/inches.

However, looking at pictures from January 2013, that's when I was in my peak.  Physical performance and body composition.  I had been on the paleo wagon for about 2 years, things were going good.  And I look back at the pictures from them, and at the time I thought I still had weight to lose (well, I did) but compared to where I am now, I would LOVE to get back to that!  Looking at what I was eating, it was a high fat, moderate protein, lower carb lifestyle (so, basic primal principles).  Why can't I just go back to that and commit?  Instead, I constantly fuck up, have some treats here and there and then it spirals sometimes, and I get a case of the fuck-its and eat whatever.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

I used to be able to lock it down like nobody's business.  21 day sugar detox-piece of cake!  30 day paleo challenge?  Why not 45 or 60 days!  I had an iron will, and I felt amazing.  So, what happened?  Why can't I even stick to a week before screwing off?

I don't know, but I need to change.  I'm unhappy with how I look, I'm eating foods that don't agree with me and make me feel lousy, and I need to just stop.  I'm not talking about any strict, hardcore, lockdown stuff, but why not just go for 90% compliance?  Allow for some indulgences on occasion, but within moderation?  Isn't that what life is about?  Enjoying things?

5/16/15 (or where it all fell apart)

Well, it's one of two things: the calm before the storm that will be embarking on a 'strict challenge' or I'm just never going to get my shit together.  But, more on that later.

8am:  Bulletproof chai (chai tea with almond milk and butter, blended up)

10:30am:  Chicken with artichokes, bluebs.

2:30pm:  Sevan and I had plans to walk to Zoyo....alas, that did not happen.  We drove our lazy asses there.

6pm:  And then, because I just ended up with a case of the fuck-its (like it always happens) had a pizza binge.  And then a cherry fritter binge.  And then some caramels.  FML....